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I took photography classes in high school and that’s when I realized my passion for it, I’ve always loved being creative. When my grandparents saw how much I loved it, they gifted me my first camera. I’ve loved photography ever since, and now my favorite thing is telling the stories of each couple I meet. I love capturing things a lot of people wouldn’t see on a wedding day, in between moments. I love when couples fly to the desert to shoot with me. I love capturing the beauty of the world around us.

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When I'm not behind the camera

You can find me with my BF Brandon and our dog Remi

Me and my boyfriend, Brandon are high school sweethearts. Whether I’m with him, friends, or solo I love exploring new places, the desert, or reading, and trying new recipes. I'd say I’m a good mix between loving alone time or spending time with friends, because I love cozying up and watching a good movie, but I’m also a lover of adventure. If you love deep conversations over coffee or drinks, we may have a lot in common and I can’t wait to meet you and get to know you as well! Keep scrolling to see some fun facts about me, as well as some bucket locations I’ve been dying to visit!

behind my lens

I moved to Tucson when I was 4 so I pretty much consider myself a Tucson native. I love that I get to photograph so many moments around the saguaros.

01. Desert lover

Fun facts:

I have a golden retriever named Remi, he is my world. I love taking him everywhere, he’s my little assistant basically.

02. Dog lover

Fun facts:

I’ve been to 10+ National Parks:
I love visiting national parks, and my goal is to visit more. So hint hint, if you’re ever thinking about getting eloped in one I’d love to document it.

03. I love to travel

Fun facts:

My go to coffee order is a brown sugar shaken espresso, and if I’m feeling a little extra I’ll add some cold foam. It’s so good!!

04. Coffee lover:

Fun facts:

While I can be a homebody and love snuggling up with my family and watching a movie, I also love exploring new places and meeting new people. I’m also a major mental health advocate.

05. Lover of deep conversation:

Fun facts:

All things travel; Let's go!


- Feb 23rd-26th- San Diego California
- June 17th-21st- Portland Oregon 


- Ireland 

- Greece 

- Oregon coast 

- Yosemite, CA

- New York City

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Arizona based but traveling worldwide //

Bucket list:

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Hannah B Photography is a wedding & Couples photographer based in AZ serving worldwide.